Featuring Jaimi Alexander & Get Stoned With Us

Featuring Jaimi Alexander & Get Stoned With Us

Tell me about your business/brand: How long have you been pursuing it; Is your business/brand local or worldwide? Get Stoned With Us is a nationwide brand dedicated to assisting our customers with coming up higher in thought and action so that they can live a ore abundant life. Through the power of intention, our pieces are designed to be a consistent reminder of the intentions that you set. You know all of the great sayings, “You are what you think, What you give the most attention to grows, Thoughts are things”. With that being the case, we want our pieces to keep your thoughts on what you DO want to manifest in your life. Since I can remember, I have been fascinated and committed to personal growth. Just when you think you have something all figured out, your mind is blown by new revelations.On my spiritual journey, I had come to a point where I personally needed much more to truly understand the depths of real intimacy with God.Doing things like reading more books, getting outside of my comfort zone, healing old wounds, attending retreats, having elevated conversations and leveling up my friend circle became lifestyle. Along with that…crystals and crystal jewelry!

Upon reading The Power Of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer, I became connected to the idea and the power of the awareness to intention. I quickly learned that the key to real maturation was just like working out at the gym. It’s something I had to practice daily, like training a muscle, until it became a lifestyle. I’ve always loved crystal jewelry, but in learning more about crystals, their meanings, their healing properties and the vibrations they hold, it became such a fun and easy way for me to tie that to my personal intentions, so that I could really practice the wisdom I’d learned. This subscription box was created because, over time, I saw how my crystal knowledge and my collection increased. We feel people would like to have the same. It is so nice to have so many pieces to choose from and wear according to my intentions and how I’m feeling on any given day.

What current projects are you working on? Get Stoned With Us is the focus. Currently working on spreading the word, finding out more about what people like and making creative collaborations with other businesses and brands. There may be talk of some business partnerships in the near future as well.  What are you most proud of so far in your business/brand? I am most proud of taking the reigns and fearlessly diving right into brand new territory. I have evolved so much as a woman and can se clearly that God has my back and this is a part f something He wants me to do. Shine light! Spread Love!

What was your inspiration for launching? My inspiration for Get Stoned With Us was to share my lifestyle with others so that they could experience the life changing benefits that I was receiving. Focusing and really being specific about my intentions in all areas of my life has truly opened up a whole new world and way of function that is joyful, easy and abundant. I want EVERYONE to feel this way!! I’m just sharing!

Who is your target audience or clientele? Our target audience are good people people who desire a good life. The people who feel life has more to offer and they want to get there. People who believe inter dreams and know they need to be connected to something greater to get there. People who want to learn and enhance their situation. Men and women alike LOVE our brand.

What does your business/brand need? We need to spread the word! We want people to get into the culture. We need working capital for those interested in those ventures. We need your prayers and good energy!

What need does your business/brand fulfill? We fulfill strengthening a part of your mind linked to how your entire life turns out. The power of your thoughts and intentions is directly connected to Divine Nature. Change that, shift that, lift that up and your life changes forever. Again our thoughts are like training muscles and in this lifetime we are constantly undoing past pain and offenses and figuring out how to live your best life. Everyone wants to be happy. We fulfill the part of you that has hopes, dreams and wants to live joyfully!

What sets you apart from others? I think what sets this brand apart is my personal background. There’s only one me and being the creator of the business it is infused with personal touch, purpose and style. I am a well known personal and event producer between here and NYC. I have been in the entertainment industry as well as spiritual healing. I have traveled due to my father’s military background and I absolutely KNOW it is my purpose to spread light and get people activated in their creativity. The love and intention behind this brand is absolutely supported by God. There has been so many blessed encounters that you will FEEL the energy of this brand. It’s not just crystals. It is a lifestyle.

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time? When I’m not working I’m absolutely spending time with friends! It’s my favorite thing to do! I love our uplifting conversations, they unfolding of spiritual growth and of course food, drinks and laughs! The other part of me likes to be home alone in the quiet listening to or reading books. I haven’t owned a TV in 10 years!


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Jaimi Alexander @SoSleepless on IG

www.GetStonedWithUs.com – @GetStonedWithUs on IG and FB

Email LivingStones444@gmail.com


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