Featuring Fashion Designer Latrina Brown + Taj B. Designs

Featuring Fashion Designer Latrina Brown + Taj B. Designs

Tell me about your business/brand and how long you’ve been pursuing it: I’m in the business of creating beautiful things. I’m a fashion/fragrance designer. My clothing line is called Taj B. Designs Couture & Evening line, with a major focus on red carpet gowns.

I’ve been designing for 12 years and have received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design. Even though the passion for fashion was there, I wanted to do more than sketch the vision. I wanted to be the one to create it; not pass it off to someone who had the skills to do it. Even more so, I wanted to learn how the industry worked. I’ve always had a love for pretty things. My uncle was my true inspiration. I would sit and watch him for hours as he sketched a beautiful flowing gown on paper, then sit behind a sewing machine and create the same flowing gown. What really hit home for me was when I would see a model walk that beautiful flowing gown down the runway. Then…I knew it was my destiny.

What current projects are you working on?? I’m currently working on a better marketing strategy for the 912 Eau De Parfum. I launched it last year in July. I plan on re-launching it this year in LA.  What I’m currently most proud of right now is jumping out on faith and relocating to California to pursue my dreams of dressing stars at red carpet events. I’m also proud of the release of my fragrance that my partner B and I worked tirelessly on for over a year.

The inspiration behind releasing Taj B. has and always will by my children. They are my true motivation. Their names combined make up the label. The inspiration for the label is simply my love for all things beautiful and 912 is just that. The scent embodies all things that are beautiful. Smell it for yourself and you’ll see. 😉

Who is the target audience or clientele for your business? My target audience is the woman who is able to embrace all that life has to offer, who lovers herself and see the beauty in not so beautiful things. She enjoys the finer things in life and has confidence in knowing that her beauty is so stunning that when she walks in a room heads turn in her direction. Taj B Designs fulfills fantasy, drama, elegance, fierceness and beauty; all in one. I pride myself on creating one-and-done gowns. There’s no need to see someone else for your fantasy gown.

What does your business/brand fulfill Right now, since relocating to California, my business needs promoting, marketing and a full service website.

What does your business need? What sets you apart from others? What sets me apart from others is being able to bring out her inner most fantasy; how she envisioned herself looking on her most elaborate night out.

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time? Well even when I’m not working, my mind is. I can’t turn off work mode but I do like relaxing things like the movies with a big tub of popcorn and a cherry coke. Now for a change of pace and a little exercise at the same time, I like to dance and listen to good music. I’m a house head, lol. I don’t know if they play that music in Cali, but that’s a Chi-town favorite. Networking is always fun.

What’s the best way to contact you?

IG: taj_b_designs  Email: Tajb_designs@yahoo.com or FB: Tajbdesigns

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