Kenya R. Nalls is no stranger to magazine publishing and she is back in the industry with her new project called The Loop Magazine. Proud and walking in her newfound purpose, Kenya Nalls is excited that young professionals have a platform to showcase their talents, skills and hard work. As a natural creative, Kenya formed The Loop to stand for ‘Live It. Own It. Obtain It. On Purpose’. “When I finally said okay I’m going to walk in my purpose again, I wrote down what I needed to do to get to a higher place than I was before. I thought about all things that I needed to do as a young professional and that’s when I came up with the phrase because nothing just happens. You have to work at it. This is what has to happen to get to the next level for myself and for others as well.” says Nalls.

The Loop Magazine caters to a demo of young professionals ages 21-30, as Nalls feels that group is motivated, inspirational and have also been overlooked by society. So she set out to give that demo an outlet so their light can shine as brightly as possible. Readers can look forward to amazing cover stories as well as information on upcoming conferences, workshops, books and more. The magazine will also offer live videos and even an app packed with content.

Kenya Nalls is on fire. She was once a little girl who enjoyed writing books for her cousins on the weekends. That love of writing inspired her to join the newspaper team in high school and continued on through her college years at Lincoln University-Missouri. After college, Nalls participated in internships and work-study opportunities and would eventually launch her first publication with a friend called Action Magazine. Together, they conducted countless interviews and media coverage with artists and business professionals all over Chicago and beyond. While Action Magazine dissolved on a high note, Kenya Nalls is fully focused on The Loop Magazine in 2018 with all of her life experiences in tow. “I believe that all the mistakes that I made are for this moment right here. I am not walking in this thing blindsided or anything. When things happen now, I smile because I’ve been in those positions before. The focus is totally different than ever and we are approaching endeavors are different as well. Everything that was done in the past is different because of the focus of myself and where the magazine is headed.” says Nalls.

While Nalls lives in Northwest Indiana, she set up shop for The Loop Magazine in North Carolina, which is the first stop of her 5-city promo tour serving young professionals. “I researched states that young professionals are really thriving in and those states were North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, D.C, and Illinois/Indiana, so I said to myself we are going to take this on the road to allow the young professionals to actually SEE what The Loop is all about and how we can and will impact their lives. The tour will highlight young professionals in their careers and we are bringing all them together to network, honor, and bring awareness to how freaking amazing these individuals are.”

Kenya Nalls and The Loop Magazine team have truly been working hard and gearing up for the launch of the first issue on June 21, 2018. Join the movement. Stay in touch with Kenya Nalls & The Loop Magazine. If you would like to be a speaker, sponsor for the tour you can email and all social media platforms as @allthingsloop

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