Featuring Shelley Mech’ette, Women’s Empowerment Speaker

Featuring Shelley Mech’ette, Women’s Empowerment Speaker

Tell me about your business/brand. Is your business/brand local or worldwide? I am a Women’s Empowerment Speaker and Influencer. My entire passion is to remind women of their value and worth OUTSIDE of a relationship. I remind women of who they are and positively influence how they think of themselves, their finances, their futures. I encourage women to seek out entrepreneurship and personal balance, seeking whom God has created them to be. I provide Visionary Consulting, taking women’s vision from “paper to purpose”. I host events through my empowerment organization The PowHERful Woman. Women are amazing individuals and I just want to make sure that they KNOW it! How long have you been pursuing it; Is your business/brand local or worldwide? I started with a Youth Program in 2012. In 2015, I decided to switch from that program to what I was really passionate about…women. I’ve been speaking into the lives of women however for over 15yrs. Currently my business is local, but one day..we will be known ALL OVER THE WORLD!

What current projects are you working on? What are you most proud of so far in your business/brand? I have several speaking engagements lined up. One being the Hey Girlfriend Luncheon in July and The Black Women Rock Nationally Red Carpet Event in August. I am also planning a Wine Tasting & Networking event through my nonprofit in August. I am most proud of the fact that women inbox me and contact me saying how my words of transparency or an empowerment event has changed their lives. That’s what I am after…CHANGE. And it warms my heart each time a women is ready to take their lives and purpose to the next level.

What was your inspiration for launching? Hurting women was, is and will always be my inspiration. We as women MUST learn how to love ourselves FIRST, set better standards for ourselves and become women of change so that we are able to show the next generation (of women) how to become women of more.

Who is your target audience or clientele? Women between the ages of 25-45. Most of my clientele includes women who are frustrated with life and have no idea of what their purpose is and are in need of some direction so that they are able to execute those things that they desire. What does your business/brand need? What need does your business/brand fulfill? What sets you apart from others? I would say that my business/brand is in need of more funding and partnerships with other organizations that have a passion for empowering women and encouraging them to follow their dreams. I/My business offers women an opportunity to explore new things (ex: Brunch on how to discover your passion. How to become an Author, Entrepreneurship, etc), we provide networking with other business women, keys to discovering their passion/purpose, and the opportunity to find out who they are as women. What sets me apart from others is that you get the “real deal” with me. Empowerment begin with TRUTH. I don’t sugarcoat or baby women. I force you to look in the mirror, take responsibility for your actions and WALK in the change that you CLAIM you want. Then I/my organization provides the tools to do those things. You do not walk this journey alone. I also have no problem letting a potential client know if we are not suitable for one another. I do not take every client that comes to me. Only the ones who are READY to confront their MESS and make CHANGE.

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time? With my family, building memories.

Please list your contact info you’d like to share:

Website: ShelleyMechette.com/ThePowHERfulWoman.com, Email: Shelley@ShelleyMechette.com, Bookings: BookShelleyMechette@gmail.com, Contact: 323-514-2481, Social Media: IG @thepowherfulwoman, Twitter @powherfulwoman FB Shelley Mechette



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