Featuring Media Specialist Melanie L. Brown

Featuring Media Specialist Melanie L. Brown

Tell me about your business/brand. Is your business/brand local or worldwide? Melanie L. Brown Photography & Media Arts is a combination of photography, videography, social media regulation and public relations. I have always had a passion in the media field since I was a little girl and messed around with it. I eventually became serious with it 2 1/2 years again and started my company. I have worked in all forms of media such as tv, radio, social media, print, and on website content creation.

What current projects are you working on? The projects that I am currently working on are building a university in Chicago’s social media presence, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s TV shows and working with a few well known celebrities with photography and video projects. I also have been working on creating my own TV show. I cannot name one but the things that I am most proud of with my brand so far is glory to God I won a media trophy for my media activism/photojournalism, the day I was chosen to be Rev. Jesse Jackson’s personal photography and work on his tv shows, regulating being the official photographer for a well known chicken franchise called Uncle Remus in Chicago, my social media help allowed 6 lawyers to win the office as a judge, an article I wrote had over 30,000 shares on Facebook, having articles and or pictures posted in pretty much every popular paper in Chicago (Rolling Out, Ebony/Jet, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Defender, Chicago Crusader, Gospel Tribune, African American Tribune, TBT News and etc.), some national online publications and on Groupon. A remorable moment was when I got contacted from California to fly to Hollywood to interview Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie and when I became the photographer for a luncheon for the group New Edition in Hollywood. I am super thankful to God for how my business has been recognized and the clientele I have developed in only a little over 2 years that takes others several years to accomplish.

What was your inspiration for launching? I have always loved media since I was in elementary school. I use to get new cameras during Christmas time. I loved my Polaroid camera. My dad was a photographer but stopped doing it when I got older and I was doing public relations for a photographer. I took one photography/graphic design class before but was more interested in the graphic design part at the time.  I realized I was giving all my connects and projects to another photographer doing public relations and was getting little or no money at all and decided that I loved photography and could do this myself. I learned on the job, through shadowing other photographers and studying. My Communications job for a public health company also pushed me to be more of a photographer and photojournalist on the job. They let me purchase a Canon camera and equipment. They wanted me to write articles and send them to publications as well. I ended up loving it beyond work and that’s what I ended up doing full time after departing from that job. I started out only doing photography and some video for my company. I moved into social media and public relations because I was getting so many offers for the services because of the connections I had obtained and the things I was good at doing.

Who is your target audience or clientele? My target market is who ever wants to enhance their own brand. My company could always use more camera equipment in this fast growing technology age. I could have an office of my own that is in Chicago (my current one is in Dolton, IL. and I share space in Chicago) and my website launched. You also can’t have enough clients, employees and money lol.

What sets you apart from others in your same industry? My business harnesses the needs of those trying to harness and document their history. They also can build their brand. The thing that sets my company apart from the others is I am very mobile. I even travel to different states for my clients. Many people have heard good things about me or have seen me working at an event before. They see and feel the way I connect with people. I am also multi-skilled. I am a Media Specialist and Digital Photo Optics Operator. Some people like working with woman as well. I am a black woman in a field widely dominated by men.

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time? I enjoy spending my time with family and friends. Acting is also one of my passions. I have acted in a couple of movies, shows (such as Empire and American Greed) and commercials. I also love Netflix and good movies. I get inspired as well going to church and around live music concerts. Sometimes I write and perform my own original spoken word poetry pieces and do Abstinence motivational speaking (I am still waiting).

Please list your contact info you’d like to share:

People can reach me at mel_brn@yahoo.com, Melanie L. Brown on Facebook, Melanie L. Brown Photography & Media Arts (@MelanieLBrownMedia) on my Facebook business page, @melbmedia and @MelanieLBrown on Twitter. My business line also is 773-220-6715.


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