My Facebook Friends’ Dating Advice For Singles

My Facebook Friends’ Dating Advice For Singles

Single life may not always be easy if you’re actively seeking a meaningful relationship. So I called out to my Facebook friends for their best dating advice for single men and women ready to take the plunge toward their happily ever after. Here’s 23 quotes. Please check out each one.

Kiaundra Jackson: Know your core values and stick to them. Don’t compromise who you are just to say you’re with someone.

Chanda Rigsby: I would say don’t hide your crazy. Parade that ish so they know what they are getting into.

Shonta Prince: Pay attention to who you are when you’re around the person you’re dating. If you don’t feel like you can be yourself around the person, then chances are, he or she isn’t the one.

Anie Christian: Make God the foundation of your relationship. Marry your friend.

Maya Moore: If you are out in the dating field and you’re looking for love I would say the first thing that you should do is check your heart. See how much love you even have inside of yourself to offer to someone else.

Chris Gilrath: Don’t date just because you feel you want to get married. Enjoy meeting new people.

Fifi Whitman: Put the smartphone down! Engage in conversation. Don’t overtalk/over share.

Marcus D. Harvey: Be open to dating on a budget, using Groupon, Living Social, etc.

Lakeisha Spight: Take it slow. Don’t rush it. Trust GOD!

Tondra Mosley: Traditional church has taught us to look for Boaz and Isaac but not how to properly relate to Adam. So we’re running around trying on missing mates like shoes on clearance racks. If we settle ourselves to be found, we could be seen as wives. When your mate sees, he should be seeing his wife.

Antoinette Warren: Stop looking for someone to fulfill you. Loneliness can cloud your judgement. Become established mentally, emotionally and financially to attract the right person to build and grow with.

Catherine Ingram: Don’t focus on looks. Focus on character. Looks can be lost in a moment.

Margot Skeen: Date and become friends. Don’t marry because of attraction alone. That fades over time and your friendship and attraction become stronger over time.

Arsineh Alenkin: Communication is the key to a healthy successful relationship.

Seanna Ladd: Before you can find a good relationship you have to be happy being alone. As cheesy as this sounds, it will find you when you stop trying to force it to happen.

Sheila Spencer: Trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is. Don’t ignore warning signs just because you want a relationship.

Enoch Purnell: Don’t quit at the first debate/issue. See if it’s something similar to past relationships. Maybe it’s something you have to work on and not other people.

Lesley R. Taylor: Seek a kindred spirit and build the relationship from “nothing” that way when it blossoms into “something” it makes for becoming one with each other.

Ally Patrice Archer: Date yourself. Take yourself on sizzling vacations and adventurous day trips to any place that interests YOU.

Nancy Sandoval Chamberlain: Remember it’s not all about yourself. Compromise and be courteous!!!

Ronald E. Childs: Stop consciously looking. You’ll be amazed at what comes your way then.

Greg Wilson: If YOU wouldn’t date YOU, why would you expect someone else to. Strive to better yourself, so you will be ready when that right one comes.

Frederick Williams: Don’t focus on what someone has to bring to the table… ’cause in life… those tables always turn. It’s here today and gone tomorrow.


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