Tell me about your business/brand; How long have you been pursuing it? Is your business/brand local or worldwide? My brand is called Soulsimplicity and it’s an apparel company that inspires others to pursue their passions, creating your own opportunities, and build your own wealth. Whatever it is you love, do it to the best of your ability. Our designs  promote purpose and positive vibrations, created with simplistic art and design. Soul music and hip hop is also a big part of the brand. That was the sound I was listening to when getting inspired to create, hence the “soul” in the name. There so much emotion in music, and I wanted people to feel some type of emotion when they purchased an item from us.

I been pursuing Soulsimplicity for a number of years off and on; 10 years to be exact. But within the last two years, I really began to understand the business part alongside the creative side. I’ve work with some really great people over the years, and I’ve learned so much. Most artist, as myself, focus on the creative side, so being around business minded people, helped me to develop the business mind I have today.

What current projects are you working on? What are you most proud of so far in your business/brand? At the end of May, we are launching our new pieces from our latest collection, So simple”. So simple is a play off the Soulsimplicity name, however, it is a term to say, “fashion and style comes easy. It’s so simple.” I’m excited about this collection because, it’s based on the core of branding the Soulsimplicity name. Our previous collections were themed around either politics or artists. But this collection is about reintroducing Soulsimplicity as a brand, and to get people familiar with us, that’s never heard of us. We are also introducing a sneaker later this summer.

I think the one thing I’m most proud of with Soulsimplicity, is that it is still  relevant. People are still wearing our designs that came out years ago, and get upset when we take old stuff down, because this still want to buy it. I also like that we can still come out with new pieces and still keep that  momentum. We thank the people for that. I’m also proud of the fact that we can market towards many  demographics and people. Soulsimplicity isn’t boxed into one type of person. Hipsters, professionals, hip hop heads, etc. all connect with it because it’s about the pursuit of happiness. Everyone can relate to that.

What was your inspiration for launching it? I graduated from college, and had a hard time looking for a job as a Graphic designer. Every employer would tell me that I didn’t have enough experience. That was frustrating because,  I needed the experience to get experience. My girlfriend at the time, was experiencing the same thing as a fashion designer. We both took freelance gigs, and began to learn the business. However, along with learning business and gain exposure in our careers, we discovered how so many people tried to take advantage of our time and didn’t want to pay us. So we thought about creating our own opportunities, and start our own business. Because my girlfriend was a fashion designer, and I knew illustration and graphic design, we decided to create a clothing line, influenced by our experiences as ambitious and passionate professionals, looking to build successful careers. Years later, my girlfriend and I broke up, but I continued to pursue the brand.

Who is your target audience or clientele?

Who is your target audience or clientele? 20 to 40 years old, whose an artist, film-maker, Dj, a musician, or who wants to do these things; they buy urban street wear brands; they enjoy going to concerts and events with a premiere dj or artist; they enjoy live music and meeting new people. They very familiar with commercial success, but prefer the underground scene; they love standing out of the crowd; they love hip hop and it’s roots; they are adventurous, and like to explore, they have an appreciation for culture and they like to try new things; they go to parks, downtown to cities, and in there spare time, they are listening to music, creating  and working  on something they love doing; there style is well rounded, several expensive and inexpensive pieces in there wardrobe. They are sneaker heads, preferably retros; yet when they are asked to dress up, they dress to impress. They have there own perception of the world and not afraid to express their opinions…they’re not white or black, or just men or women. They are creators.

What does your business/brand need? Our brand needs funding. There are so many other products and things we would like to add to our brand, but we do not have all the funding to do so. We also would like funding to expand our brand to physical store locations. As of no, we are an online store, but we would like to eventually open 4 locations; east and west and north and south.

What need does your business/brand fulfill? What sets you apart from others? There are so many streetwear brands. what separates us from other brands, is our message about being passionate about what you love and creating your own wealth in the process. I think our approach to streetwear branding is just different. Our message allows us to translate it to different people, and that why we have a unique appeal. Not everyone can execute “positivity” and make it cool. But we have a unique way with our art and design.

When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time? When I’m not working, I just am enjoying my family. We love to travel and try different types of foods and restaurants all over the country. I love to watch documentaries, and I enjoy watching insightful information in youtube. I also enjoy making music. I make original music for every collection we put out with the brand. It’s just something fun I like to do for the brand, and I use it as a marketing tool. For that reason, the music on our website is free to download to people that really care to listen to it. LOL.

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